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May 26, 2003
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I have a Canon FT QL, and I need a flash for it. It doesn't have a hot seat connection. Any ideas? I also don't have much money so an older model flash would be good.

Also, can you use Canon FD lenses (for the Canon FTb SLR) on the Canon FT SLR?
There are several manual flashes available for your camera including new ones, but you will need a PC cord for attachment since you don't have a hot shoe. Vivitar and Sunpak to name a couple. www.keh.com may have some Canon flashes used if you want Canon.
KEH has Canon FD lenses too. They are a reliable retailer for used gear, but don't buy anything less than an "Excellent" rating. Your camera takes lenses only with the FD mount.
actually, I suspect my camera only takes lenses with the FL mount, as it's only an FT not an FTb. Am I wrong? Are they backwards compatible?
what is it exactly that makes the lenses incompatible? I know the FT hasn't got the automatic metering, but are the lenses physically the same?

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