Flex TT5's... Aparently I'm missing something.


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Nov 7, 2010
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Minnapolis, MN
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D80 + SB700 + 2x PW Flex TT5's. I'm having some trouble figuring out the HSS/Hyper sync. I have "Auto FP" set to "ON" in the menu and I don't know what else to do?? Here's what I'm getting. I did dabble with some settings in the PW utility but as far as I can tell everything is the way it was out of the box. The only thing I haven't tried is a factory reset on the TT5's?? I'm aware of what HSS is and I know why I'm getting the result I'm getting in the "banded" shot but I don't know how to fix it? PW makes is sound like you take them outta the box and they just work. I'm missing something??

Shots were at: 1/1250 f2.8 iso 100

No Flash

No Flash by jcskeeter313, on Flickr

Flash on TT5

flash on TT5 by jcskeeter313, on Flickr

Flash on Cam

Flash on cam by jcskeeter313, on Flickr

Thanks for any help.
In the 'Flash on TT5' shot, the bright streak across the middle of the photo is light from the flash the width of the slit opening between the front and rear shutter curtains because the camera is set to a shutter speed shorter (faster) than the x-sync speed.

Since your images are hosted on Flickr there is no EXIF data here. I won't add to Flickr's hit count by going there to look at the EXIF info.

Good luck.
I won't add to Flickr's hit count by going there to look at the EXIF info.

Good luck.


His shutter speed was 1/1250th.
Yeah like I said, I know what's happening on the pic with the shutters and sync speed. But the point is that the TT5s' are supposed to transmit HSS/FP information. As you can see in the Flash on Cam pic the HSS/FP worked. That's how the Flash on TT5 pic should look... but it doesn't. I think I might need someone who owns TT5s' to chime in.

Shots were at: 1/1250 f2.8 iso 100
I listed the shot settings above the posted pics. So I guess I'm not sure what other info you would need. Just curious, why don't you want to add hit counts??? (I don't get it? It's just a place to post photos. Why is it evil?)

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