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Apr 22, 2010
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I'm kind of confused about how to use Flickr. I know it gives good exposure however I also hear about how images there are stolen all the time. I have had my pics used on things without permission before so I am extra careful. I was wondering what others do, or what their thoughts on this is? It is such a catch 22 on getting exposure and having pictures stolen when posting to websites.
I pretty much just dump everything there.

I have the 'pro' account, so everything is unlimited. I try to make use of the unlimited storage space. :lol:

(As far as I know, the only limit of any kind is that all pictures must be under 20MB.)

I don't think I've had anything stolen from there...
I resize and watermark just to make things harder for people. I don't think my photos are that great though so I'm not worried yet haha.
I believe that professionals whose income depends on definitely not getting their photos stolen by any one in any way just don't make them public on a site like Flickr! They either build their own site and add all the right-click protection they can or they keep the photos in true portfolios, you know: the real thing, to be carried around and shown in person.

Myself, I'm like O|||||||O. I've bought myself the pro-account and my photos go there (not the bad stuff, I do sort through my pics before they go up on Flickr), of course. I resize them, watermark them, add my usual frame ... and when someone still feels they need to steal MY photo for their website, then so be it. Counting the number of views my Flickr albums get, though, I MUCH doubt anyone's intersted in ANY of my photos AT ALL. Why should I worry?
....And if someone steals something, simply send them an invoice for your work :D Done it before!
If you put it online it can be stolen.

If you simply send someone an invoice, you just limited the amount you could seek in an infringement action and you certainly are not guaranteed they will pay the invoice. :lmao:
If you simply send someone an invoice, you just limited the amount you could seek in an infringement action and you certainly are not guaranteed they will pay the invoice. :lmao:

Wot? Sorry, KmH, but sometimes I really wonder what you are talking about. I don't get how you are limiting the amount you could get in a possible suit by sending an invoice. To me, it is quite the opposite. You've just shown you are willing to work with the offender and if they do not respond you just showed how they are unwilling to face reality which would make your case stronger.

I don't know know where you get your legal advice from but I suggest getting a better lawyer :D
Here is an online source one can use for guidance:

Help! I've Been Infringed! | Photo Attorney

There are some risks in sending the letter yourself. First, the infringer may attempt to preempt an infringement lawsuit and file a request for declaratory judgment that the use is authorized. This may involve you in a legal action for which you may need legal counsel in a jurisdiction (court location) where you don’t want to litigate. Second, your demand for payment may be admissible against you if an infringement case is filed. If you demand too little, then it may limit your ultimate recovery. To avoid this possibility, include in your demand letter that “these discussions and offer to settle are an attempt to compromise this dispute.”
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I suggest you upload to a real photolibrary if they are that good, or even, good enough that they let you join, at least then you'll see a return on your photography while the stock library polices your shots online. Anything in the public domain can be stolen, the best thing you can do is limit the damage by low res and downsizing as small as you can but not so they detract too much from the quality aspects you try to display. H
What resolution and size do you recommend for a Flickr upload?
I have a tendency to post my almost best images on flickr and the really good ones on my blog. That way I get people looking but really looking on my blog where it matters the most.
What resolution and size do you recommend for a Flickr upload?
It really doesn't matter I guess, I think that's just going to be a personal preference thing.

Personally, I upload most stuff full size - most people probably wouldn't like doing that.

Flickr is pretty good about resizing it, so you can always get a smaller one off of there - but you can't get a bigger one.

I put everything full size on there so my family can just go there and download it. Saves me a lot of e-mailing, and they don't have to wait 5 minutes for an e-mail filled with pictures they might not even want to load.
Ok, KmH, I've wondered long enough and it is time to ask: are you a lawyer? Considering some of your advice, I seriously doubt it but...

Everything about your legal advice posts makes me think you are since all they do is try and scare people silly with BS legal crap. Overall I can't help but think you are a cheesy lawyer who knows very little about the law. An ambulance chaser kind of freak. The kind of lawyer who got his degree in a fourth world country.

FYI, I divorced my first wife by going to the library with her for a couple hours, read the darn books, write up whatever paperwork we needed and we were done. Lawyers not needed. Thank you very much.

Who the hell are you?

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