Flim Fashion Photography - How many people prefer film to digital!? :)

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Aug 2, 2013
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Coventry, England
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I shoot almost everthing on film 2 no Leica M4's and a Mamiya C330, i hardly ever get my digital cameras out even though all my lenses are L lenses apart from the 50f1.4
Very nice shot by the way
I find it easier to work in a dark room with film rather than a post processing software for digital, I like to have the hands on aspect of it and have complete control over what I'm doing, and since you're limited to how many shots you have in the roll of film it makes you think before you click the shutter release.

And obviously digital is a lot more convenient and almost impossible to find a camera store for film and development since I don't have a dark room of my own
I love film..but I have little time for it. So I must shoot mostly 98% digital 2% film. As of now film is just for Widelux and SWC.

If I had someone to do the work for me I'd shoot almost all film.

Looked at your sites. Beautiful work!
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Thread closed. :) We don't encourage film/digital debates, since everyone has reasons for their preferences and it's safer to discuss things like politics. Oh, wait...
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