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Jul 11, 2004
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i've been hanging out these past few days w/ my skater friends, to try out skateboarding photography but i still have problem w/ focusing.. this friend of mine doing some flips while i'm sitting & reviewing my shots..


C's & C's are very welcome...
Like i said, pre-focus on an area where they are going to be at the moment of the photo. Also, make sure you are shooting at a shutterspeed of at least 1/250. I shoot most of my skateboarding shots at around 1/1000, but then again, i use off cam flashes. What all do you have for a setup?
Thanks, i just have Finepix S9500 & that's all.. they start skaking late in the afternoon, i just rely on natural light.. most of my shots are 1/125-1/160, more than that it will be under expose.. what aperture value do you use on most of your shots??
I always try to use the widest aperture I can with the lens I use to make up for the fast shutterspeed.
I'd say its pretty cool, i like the bit of blur on the skateboard.

Any chance I could edit this one a bit just to see what I can come up with?
thanks again, i keep that in mind.. & its OK to edit :)
emo said:
thanks again, i keep that in mind.. & its OK to edit :)

i was bored so i figured i'd have a try at editing it.
nice.. i should have cropped it that way, so his butt is out in the picture.. :D

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