Flower photos

I'm not a huge fan of the first one with whatever after shot editing that went on. Looks like plastic... The flower doesn't appear to be too sharp either.

2nd one is nice.
I agree. There's too much orange in the first one. The 2nd, however, is alot better. Nice effect. What did you use? Photoshop?
Darfion said:
I agree. There's too much orange in the first one. The 2nd, however, is alot better. Nice effect. What did you use? Photoshop?
Who am I to critisize? Here's my effort :roll:
Thank you for your comments i agree with what your saying about too much orange, i am a little too fond of increasing saturation. As for the sharpness, as far as i know my camera, which is only used for holiday snaps normally, is not capable of much better. But i am getting a minolta 7i this saturday hopefully and that should improve things. The second image was cropped slightly as i couldn't focus closer, and the saturation was decreased slightly.
Good luck with the Minolta! I am sure you will like it. I'm getting a macro lens for my minolta this weekend and have a trip to Sedona :)

This snapshot camera, is it just a point and shoot?
Yes it is pretty much point and shoot, my biggest photographic breakthrough on it being that i could disable the flash.
i love the 2nd one..

not skilled enough to give you any tips.i just know what ones i think look good lol
This is something I've been struggling with on another board. There doesn't seem to be any set criteria for what pics look good with this treatment.

Some look fantastic, some look so-so. Here's a couple that I'm not totally satisfied with...



I like the first photo but i think maybe the detail in the black and white background takes too much emphasis off the flower. For me the idea behind the colour flower and black and white background is to accentuate the flower's colours by isolating them, but the detail in the background i think takes away from the contrast between the colours. I do like the idea of a small splash of colour being alone in a grey world and that it would be better perhaps to remove the sharpness so that the eye dwells more on the colour.
Of course all my comments should be taken fairly lightly as i am very much a beginner to photography but it is just my opinion.
No Harri, you're absolutely right. That's the dilemma- which pic to use? Some work very well & some just... suck. :wink:

Unfortunately the purple one doesn't look any better with a blurred background. [shrug]

jim...quit it. im a die hard photobug desciple, for life. I love macro flowers.

great work jim and haz


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