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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
Hi all,:sexywink: i took this pic at a friends wedding and really liked it. i then changed it to b&w then b&w with selective colouring. also added a vignette (thanks Pete! x) which i'm now thinking is probably a bit dark...oh well! would love to know which one you prefer?! any feedback will be appreciated ENORMOUSLY xx thanks xx

#1.. original with slight curves adjustment & vignette...

#2.. Converted to b&w using channel mixer & upped the contrast...

#3... b&w conversion with selective colouring + a bit of extra eye enhancement...

Eager to hear your thoughts and would rather 10 critical comments than none at all... so if you dont like them, could you 'pretty-please' tell me why so that i can learn!!! thanks heaps xx:heart:
The first is very pleasing to me, the expression and softness of the color work really well together IMO.

The second shot (first conversion) looks very washed out and flat to my eye. It's just not working for me.

The third posted is ok. Although I think I would prefer it without the selective coloring to the eyes. :) I also find the bright white behind her a little distracting.
I agree, I prefer the first one
O Jemmy I really love the first one! Nice job!
I enjoy the last one best. The first one seems less detailed and dull because the image isn't very sharp. The second one seems too bright and distracting in the face, but I bet that you can tone down that section with PS or something without compromising the rest of the picture. I like the third one because it appears to be bold and has attitude to me. The eyes maybe a bit strong. Did you sharpen them at all toward the end or is it just like that from doing the coloring?
I am such a sucker for shots of beautiful children. GORGEOUS. Love what you did with it too, and I don't even usually enjoy vignette look or selective coloring.

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