I've never tried inserting a photo into the gallery myself so I'm not too sure how either.
Well I have no luck with it either, but that url you put in worked fine. Nice work. If you are looking for criticism then I'd have to say you should try adjusting the depth of field so that the photos don't seem quite so busy.
If you use a shallower depth of field then the flowers may seem a little more prominent in the photographs. All in all their nice photos though.
Here's a tip for the URLs...

look at the picture, in full res, and then just right click on it, and find the address of the actual photo file. Because it looks like the URLs you've got copied down are all in PHP, and that can be really finicky depending on how it's scripted.

Oh... I didn't realize that those pics were hosted on GeoCities. Good luck with that... geocities blocks any "remote hosting", so you can only look at pictures you have in Geocities on that specific website.

hey pixy, i would reccommend that you play around with your "f value", this process gives that "depth of field" that the others were talking about. other than that, great work!!!!

p.s. sorry if you knew about this technique, just trying to sound smart. :cry:

im such a newbie i dont know what an f value is! lol i realy know nothing about photography but i love to take pics and have all my life i hope someday i can take some classes i allways want to learn more

i have a fujifilm digital fine pix 2800zoom my husband bought it for me for mothers day
The f stop is the aperature....the amount of light the lense is allowing to hit the film.

I agree that a good study in depth of field is good for all of us, espeically me. I'm usually working in low light situations and need all of the aperature I can get. The pics are nice, but you need to make sure the subject is in absolute focus.

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