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Aug 2, 2005
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California, USA
So I think I've figured out why I keep having focusing problems with my D50. It seems that in M,S,A, or P the focusing was set to a single area. That being the left most point on the little diagram it shows. In Auto, the whole area ("matrix" I wanna say it's called) is lit up as being the active mode. So I tried to change it for the other modes, and now the little diagram shows the "Matrix" picture, but there's an extra bracket on the left hand side and the focusing is still pulling to the left. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this? It's quite annoying and I can't find my manual. :(
it seems that your d50 is set to spot focusing, and i reccmend changing it to dynamic area you can change this by selecting the pencil icon in its menu and scrolling dows to 03 AF-Area Mode...

if you need a picture i have one..

Thank you Duncan. That was the menu I was playing around with yesterday, and yes, it is set to "dynamic" (that's the term I couldn't remember :roll: ) So now I've double checked and yes it is still on Dynamic, but the extra icon around the left bracket is still there. Grr...

Could it have something to do with "AF Mode" in the same menu set? There are 3 options "AF-A" "AF-S" and "AF-C". It is set to "AF-A", however I have no idea what those options mean.

Thanks for the help. :)
In P,S,A & M mode if you press the multiselector in that direction thats the focus area it sets.

If yours is set to the left try pressing it to the right and see if it changes.
Yup you need to use the multiselector on the back of the camera to move the focusing to different points. When you change the focus point the new point with light up red for just a second. You may have to hold the shutter button down half way. I can't remember. I was just playing with my D50 over the weekend and was moving it around.

You should also be able to focus with any of the focus spots and recompose while holding the shutter button down half way. Not sure if a mode affects this or not.

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