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    Hey guys. I hope you won't mind a little shameless self promotion, but I'm working on a web hosting package that is designed with photographers in mind, and I thought I'd give you guys a little sneak preview and a big discount :)

    When launches in a couple of weeks, one of our hosting packages will be called Foing Folio, and it will include some cool programs that are tailored to photographers. We want to make it really easy to set up a gallery or a photobook that you can share, for fun, or professionally. We're doing all we can to make webhosting a simple and painless process for non-geeks.

    The Folio package, part of the FoingStyle level of service, will cost $16/mo. for 1GB of space, and 4GB of bandwidth, plus the auto-installed programs and all the features you would expect from a reputable host (cgi, php, mysql, etc.).

    If you sign up at our website before we launch, however, you will receive a 50% off coupon for the first year of hosting ($96 savings). I hope we can earn the business of some of you photographer guys!


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