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Jul 22, 2005
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Phoenix, AZ
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Thanks to everyone who voted in the monthly challenge (and especially if you voted for this shot...)! :mrgreen:

I was "foolin' around" with my nephew last month throwing him up in the air... i just love the pure joy expressed on his face when I do that. I got my bro-in-law to stand in for me, so I didn't have to mess with a tripod and timer, and captured this one for the contest.


thanks again for the votes, it means a lot considering the other great shots you could have also voted for! Congrats again to WNK for winning!
MommyOf4Boys said:
I absolutely loved this photo..I voted for you! :biggrin:

your avatar, (presumably one of your 4 boys) reminds me so much of my nephew... especially when his hair gets long like that. he makes that same face all the time accompanied by "Oooooohhh". I saw it dozens of times watching him pick up Easter eggs. thx for the vote... ;)
lovely moment! made me smile :D
love the expression of joy on his face.. so very sweet :D
Great shot JTH. Love this one.
sweet shot J, came very close to winning...... good job with this one man :thumbup:
It was perfect for the contest - great submission and beautiful image!

Your family will enjoy this one for years. :)

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