For Sale: Collectable Mamiya C330 Pro Kit - Mint Condition


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Aug 1, 2006
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Boulder, CO, USA
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Hi folks. A lawyer friend of my parents is trying to make the switch to digital and, as such, he's looking to sell off a lot of his old film stuff. He's selling them in four main batches, and this is the first batch. He's using eBay but wanted to know if I'd post it here, too.

If you are at all interested, have questions, or want to make an offer (he's set reserve at $700 but I think is willing to go lower), please let me know - either post here, send me a PM, or e-mail me.

Unfortunately, my upload server for photos appears to be down. I will upload the four photos later, if possible. Otherwise, please e-mail me and I will send you the photos straight-away.

The description:

This is a comprehensive Mamiya C330 Professional camera kit including
two lenses, two viewfinders, pistol grip, original leather cases and
instruction manual.

It would be hard to find a medium format kit in better condition. I purchased this 120/220 format twin lens reflex equipment in the early 70s when I was serving in Southeast Asia as a photojournalist with the U. S. Air Force. I am its only owner. I’ve rarely used it (eventually preferring my 35 mm gear instead), but I have properly stored and well cared for it. There is hardly a blemish on anything. I did engrave my name in very small letters on an out-of-the-way location on the camera frame (for security purposes overseas), but it is hard to see and obviously does not affect function. If it were in any better condition, it would be “new-in-box”, except that I don’t have the boxes. I have never had it serviced or inspected, so I cannot warrant the internal systems, mechanisms and components, including shutter precision. I can say, however, that I last shot a roll a few years ago, and it still produces the same great quality shots that it did when I first bought it.

Here’s what’s included:

Mamiya C330 Professional twin lens reflex camera body

Mamiya-Sekor 80 mm f/ 2.8 lens: for normal use; shutter speeds B and 1 second through 1/500; f-stops 2.8 through 32; M and X shutter synchronization; with front lens cap

Mamiya 80 mm lens shade and velvet lined leather carrying case for the shade

Parallax correction screens: for parallax correction when using the normal lens with close subjects (never used)

Mamiya-Sekor 180 mm f/ 4.5 lens: for telephoto use; shutter speeds B and 1 second through 1/500; f-stops 4.5 through 45; M and X shutter synchronization; with lens caps front and back

Mamiya velvet lined leather carrying case for the 180 mm lens

Mamiya UV filters for both viewing and taking lenses on both the 80mm and 180 mm lenses: I put these on when I bought the camera, and they have never been off since, except for cleaning.

Multi-function focusing hood: Can be used as a waist-level viewfinder, to frame and focus using the ground glass focusing screen; as a sports finder, using the hood’s cutout frame (optional framing attachment for the 180 lens included); or using the focusing lens at the top of the hood for fine focusing adjustments

CdS Porofinder: Used instead of the Multi-function focusing hood, this finder provides eye-level through-the-lens viewing. It also has a built in light meter. Just match the needles and the dial on the back gives you the proper aperture and shutter speed combination for that lighting environment.

Mamiya velvet lined leather carrying case for the CdS Porofinder

Pistol grip with shutter release trigger: This right-mounted grip makes for easy handling. Trigger mechanism releases the shutter.

Two-Piece Leather Case for the C330

Nylon Camera Strap (never used).

If you are, or want to be, a large format photographer, this full outfit is for you.

Pay by certified check, money order or Paypal.

Buyer pays actual shipping charges from Ohio via UPS or FedEx ground. [Astrostu's Note: I'm sure if you're willing to pick it up (they live in the greater Cincinnati, OH area, then there won't be any need to deal with shipping.]

Additional photos available on request.

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