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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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I shot a civil war reinactment on saturday. I shot about eighteen exposures. I am processing them one a day it seems. Well when I finished with todays negative, I almost chucked it before looking at it closely. I often think that but seldom toss them because it is my film experience to make do with what the neg gives you.

Now if I had been shooting digital I would have reshot this because it isn't what I meant to shoot. I meant to shoot the lady completely with a little space above her head. Well this is what I got.

I was disappointed but I have trained myself over the years to salvage what I could from a negative because you can't go back and reshoot this kind of thing. So this is what got salvaged.

It's something I'm learning to look for when a shot doesn't quite work and agree it can and does save some shots. I think you've made a great choice here and gotta say I love the treatment (whatever that may be) could very easily be mistaken for one taken all those years ago.
Pretty awesome, isn't it? :thumbup: One of those happy accidents we love so well. :D
about the treatment lol... All you have to do is build yourself a repro retro camera. You dont want a real complete retro, cause if the bellows isnt all to hell it will be soon, not to mention those films just aren't out there at your local camera store.

I used a 1930 lens on a 1960 camera frame with a cut film holder put inside a camera back I built myself. After that you just colorize it and age the color nothing to it.

And the authentic look is what I strive for not the plastic copy look.

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