For those of you coming to DC, something to check out


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Mar 17, 2006
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Hey everyone,

I know I'm new to the forums here (I don't actually have a camera yet, only really posted a "suggest a model" thread) but I live in DC and wanted to clue you in to a really good photography show going on at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Contemporary Art Museum right now while the meetup will be taking place here.

I imagine you'll be spending most of your time shooting the cherry blossoms coming up soon and seeing the sights here, but if you're interested in contemporary art and photography, you have to check out the Hiroshi Sugimoto show at the Hirshhorn. Here's the link:

The museum's located at the Orange/Blue line Smithsonian metro stop and next to the Air and Space Museum.

The show will be here until mid-May. Here's the synopsis:

The Hirshhorn Museum presents “Hiroshi Sugimoto,” the first career survey of one of Japan's most important contemporary artists. Sugimoto (b. 1948, Tokyo) is known for his starkly minimal images of seascapes, movie theaters and architecture as well as his richly detailed photographs of natural history dioramas, wax portraits and Buddhist sculptures. These celebrated series explore such essential concepts as time, space, culture and perception-even the nature of reality itself. This retrospective of his 30-year career, featuring approximately 120 photographs from 1976 to present, is co-organized by the Hirshhorn and the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, and co-curated by Hirshhorn Director of Art and Programs and Chief Curator Kerry Brougher and Mori Director David Elliott. The presentation at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is made possible in part by the Holenia Trust in memory of Joseph H. Hirshhorn, the Hirshhorn's Board of Trustees, and contributions from Hirshhorn patrons.

Using a large-format camera and, for the most part, black-and-white film, Sugimoto has created images that stimulate both intellect and vision, often capturing what is elusive to sight-the horizon line between sky and sea at night, the sum total of light projected during a feature-length film, or the physical contours of the principle represented by a mathematical equation. His work also points to the human impulse to represent reality, a drive that has inspired artists throughout history and is embodied in photography itself. Six photographs by Sugimoto have entered the Hirshhorn's collection since 2003, including his powerful image of New York City's World Trade Center towers and works from the “Theaters” series. On the second level, two videos will provide further insight into Sugimoto's vision: the artist's video, Accelerated Buddhas, will be shown along with a brief profile from the acclaimed PBS series Art 21.

Beginning April 1, the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery will feature Hiroshi Sugimoto: History of History (through July 30), an exhibition that includes ancient and medieval Japanese artworks from Sugimoto's personal collection. For more information, visit

Hiroshi Sugimoto is organized by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, and the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. The presentation at the Hirshhorn is made possible in part by the Holenia Trust in memory of Joseph H. Hirshhorn, the Hirshhorn's Board of Trustees, and contributions to the Annual Circle. Support for the opening reception is provided by Okunomatsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. In-kind support of the international tour is provided by Japan Airlines.

Hope you all enjoy your time in Washington. The weather should be just great and if you can put up with wading through all the tourists :p it should be a fun time to be here.

This does sound wonderful! Thank you for the suggestion. :D

Yes, you should watch out for a big group of stumbling photographers during that weekend..... don't be afraid, we're harmless! :lol:
most definitely. i was there last wednesday. i have never seen such an awesome collection of seascapes in my life. how about the polar bear shot just prior to entering...brilliant work. i check out the hirshhorn every week for updated's well worth a visit. :thumbup:

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