? for those of you that use the WU-1a and/or DSLRdashboard


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Jul 25, 2011
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I just recently picked up a WU-1a for my D7100. When I first plugged it into the camera and opened the app I immediately saw the live view on my phone (Galaxy S3). The very next time I plugged it in, and every time since then, I can't get the live view to work. This has no impact on the functionality of the app as I used it last night to shoot fireworks and was able to immediately email those photos to other people. Does anyone know what setting I potentially messed up that would make the live view no longer work?

Second question, with as much fiddling as I do with the app, I can't get DSLRdashboard to recognize that my camera is connected to my phone via Wi-Fi even though the Nikon software has no issues at all. Again, any ideas or insight from someone who uses this app? would love to be able to use this app to adjust other camera functions other than focus point (if I ever get live view back) and shutter release.

Thanks to TheLost for all that information in another post about the WU-1a, pushed me to pick one up. Also, if you don't expect too much from the device it is really quite nice to have, although I agree with others that it should have just been built into the camera in the first place.
I think I figured it out but for anyone who encounters this in the future, I'll just leave this post up as information. If you attempt to use both apps (have both apps open) they seem to fight each other and neither will allow live view, which I assume is why the Nikon app worked in the beginning and didn't work when the DSLRDashboard was downloaded and opened. When you completely close one and open just the other it works fine.

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