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    the sun will rise
    to start the day once again

    as it has
    and will

    and set

    as it has
    and will

    each day as it does, as it has
    bright and warm
    to bring life

    life will dwindle

    my life will not shine so

    as it had the day before

    i am dying everyday

    each bum-bump of my heart
    counting down

    to a time i will not know

    and i will be put back to the
    earth as the sun sets

    as it has
    and will

    and the sun will rise again

    as it has
    and will

    to leave my life a simple
    to a few
    who will soon also be placed to only memories

    and the sun will rise
    and the sun will set

    as it has
    and will

    and i will have been forgotten

    put away even from memory

    but the sun will rise

    as it has
    and set
    as it will

    and new memories - new lives will
    be made

    to be forgotten


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