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    Hi Photo Forum,

    I would like to direct fellow photographers to the website below:

    Your Photocinema

    FORMAT is one of the UK’s leading contemporary photography and media festivals. The festival celebrates the wealth of contemporary practice in international photography. FORMAT is showing an incredible range of new work alongside the best known practitioners of the world.

    Featuring: David Lynch, Hannah Starkey, Muge, Zhang Xiao, Gregory Crewdson, William Eggleston, Cindy Sherman, Jonas Mekas, Eric Baudelaire, Simon Roberts, Mark Read, Nichola Dove, Bethany Murray, Magnum Cinema, Pang Xuan, Wim Wenders, Steve Harries and Mel Bles + many more.

    Part of the FORMAT Festival is a Flash App - Your PHOTOCINEMA - that is heavily integrated with Flickr. The App displays photo submissions, to one of six themes, from users around the world either using their Flickr account or by submitting images through the App. Selected images will be displayed in the PREMIUM section of the site, pre-roll to films screened at Derby's QUAD, on the BBC's outdoor screen and at exhibitions in and around the city.

    Please have a look through and get involved.

    Kind Thanks


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