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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Florian, Oct 10, 2006.

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    Hi there,

    one of my friends has to take some photos for art with special subjects. The subjects are: orderliness, chaos, calmness, harmony, tension, openness, closeness and boredom, every subject personated with people, the main subject is composition.
    She asked me to help her, some subjects are easy to realize but we have got problems with closeness. How on earth should we represent closeness?
    Has anybody an idea? Thank you very much in advance.

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    Going from an emotional standpoint you could photography a parent and child, a man and woman, two friends, that sort of thing. A mother breastfeeding, a father teaching a son to hit a baseball, two sweethearts looking into each others eyes, two teen girls telling a secret. Hope that will help your friend.
  3. Or if it is just physical closeness, just the front/back bumpers of two cars parked extremely closely.
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    Closeness can either be defined in my mind as physical or emotional. (or both).

    In my opinion (and I suck very badly at academia)... go for both proximity and emotional intensity.

    Classic bonds are a good source of closeness - parent/child, teacher/student, lover/lover etc.

    I like to have a common theme or humour running through a series I produce. My theme is often deliberate mis-interpretation which can be funny and different (and can get you failed by teachers!!).

    So, what would I do for closeness? Erm... I'd probably superimpose in Photoshop two city scenes of say Pyongyang and New York City so that prominant landmarks are seamlessly integrated in the same cityscape. Topical, humerous and almost certainly likely to get you failed. This is not a literal suggestion of what to do (obviously!).

    Poor advice, but hopefully some ideas.

    EDIT: IronFlatline's suggestion is almost certainly more appropriate.

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