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Dec 17, 2013
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FotoWeekDC 2015 ended Sunday night. It's a fantastic series of events and exhibitions. I went to a couple of different things...White House Press Photographers Association annual award exhibit...Aperture's exhibit on Iceland's geography.

I've posted a couple of photos. The first is a silhouette of Lucian Perkins...two-time Pulitzer Prize winner with the Washington Post. The second is a handwritten sign at the Spanish Culture Center (which served as HQ for FotoWeek this year), the third is from a photo machine set up that allowed you to take your own self-portraits (so I posed with my Nikon). The last photo is from a round table discussion on style and finding your own vision as a photographer...very diverse group of shooters including Susana Raab, Marvin Joseph of the Post (one freaky dude), Frank Hallam Day, Astrid Riecken, and a local guy I hadn't heard of--Bill Crandall. Amazingly diverse, very insightful--great session. The fourth photo is from that round table. It's basically a photo of someone taking a photo of a photo displayed during the round table. The execution leaves something to be desired but the concept was a fun one.


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Hey, thanks for posting this. I actually liked the slightly blurred shot of the smartphone shooter's camera app! Kind like the streaky blurring on the HDR and the camera icon and the other soft button features. Looks much different from my camera app. Plus, it's sort of a modern-era commentary on how photography is done...the smartphone camera is the new idiom that we see most often these days.

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