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Aug 14, 2007
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Windsor, Ontario
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Just got a yashica FX-D Quartz from my grandmother's was my grandfather's but he passed away probably 6 years it's just been sitting there.
Had a roll of film in it...took it to walmart to see if I could salvage something from it..would be neat. I didn't roll it I don't know if I got any of the exposures into the canister...but if it doesn't turn out oh well.

In the bag also was a canister of Fuji Superia, and Polaroid something.
I'm gonna shoot them both just to see what could get interesting.

Now...I want to try IR, and Slide films...but they're both probably not available from a walmart or And probably cost a lot to process. I might try some print film just to see what I can do with long exposures or something...not sure.

Where might I find Kodak HIE?
Well, I took the film to walmart, and the film was blank. At least they do that part for

I ended up buying a 3 pack of 24 exposure Fuji Superia X-TRA 400. Hopefully it works out alright for having some fun.

The meter seems to be way different than on my XT...about 1 stop lower. That's kind of a huge difference. I'm gonna try different metering modes on the XT to compare...
I think it was discontinued last November. Freestyle still has it list. They also have Efke and Rollei IR

Just found out it was discontinuted december 2007 :(

I was really lookin forward to it.

OH well. I'll figure something out...there's other IR film.
Now to find some Velvia 50.
Free cameras are the best, no matter how well they work as long as they work, I My Buster Brown and Sure Shot where freebies to me. They belonged to my father before me.

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