Found a used 50-135mm tokina locally...


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Nov 24, 2011
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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The shop is a consignment shop selling it for 550. I think I can talk them down to 500 since the thing has been sitting there forever. I would also be selling my 55-300 vr and my 18-105 vr for 400 bucks. Should I dump both those lenses and buy the tokina for another 100$? I've read great things about the tokina's IQ but the slow af does concern me since I plan on using it in low light sports and also the lack of vr for that focal range is also a bit worrisome since I plan on hand holding it.
Is this going to be your only lens? If so, don't you need something shorter than 50mm?
if you're on a cropped frame camera, 55mm might be a bit too telephoto for some occasions. unless all you shoot is wildlife and sports, it might not be such a good idea..

(keep the 18-105, its one of the most versatile ranges, though not the best quality..)
You guys both bring another concern to my mind. I mostly shoot nature and landscapes...

As impressive a the optics are, I guess I need something on the wider end for my tastes.

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