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Nov 12, 2011
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Nashville, TN
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I've been haunting most of my "Go-To" distributors for a couple of months waiting for the D7000 to come back into stock. I was bored at work this afternoon and just Googled "Nikon D7000" and then just followed a few links more out of boredom than anything else. I eventually ran across a place that showed them in stock. What? No way! So I hunted around a few minutes to make sure they were reputable and then called to see if they actually did have them in stock. Sure enough they did, but they have one less now! Two hours later I had a UPS tracking number and for $20 extra it will be in my hands in the morning ;)

Getting a new toy is such a fun thing ;)
I love mine! Congrats! :)
I pulled the manual from Nikon'web site and with a few changes it's really amazing how closely the menu options and controls are to the D90. The "Few Changes" are, of course, part of what separate the D90 from the D7000. The rest of the differences are inside. I'm looking forward to it.

One good thing is that now I can send my D90 in and get it cleaned and adjusted. After 3 years of bouncing around on motorcycles, cars, and airplanes it probably needs it.
amazon has them in stock too... i bought one on saturday and got it yesterday. my wife is jealous that i've been playing with it more than i've been playing with her. :)
I just never even thought of just doing a Google search for them. I assumed that if places like B&H and Adorama couldn't get them nobody could. You know what happens when you "Assume" something ;)

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