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Found this place on google, signed up!


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Feb 19, 2009
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Napa, CA
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Whats up everybody? My name is Michael and I have always had a deep passion for photography, I remember being a kid and steeling my mothers camera to go take pictures at the zoo, lol. I have recently let my camera get pretty dusty as I have been very busy with my other hobby that is working on cars.

I am now trying to balance the two, finding myself more broke then ever before, lol. I shoot with a Nikon N75 and I have a Nikkor 28-80G and a Nikkor 70-300G type. I love the camera body and it seams perfect for me but I am really looking to upgrade my lenses in the near future.

Anyways, Im off to go find the appropriate forum here to post up some of my pictures so you all can tell me what you think!
Welcome and enjoy..................
Hello Michael, and welcome to TPF! Good to hear you plan to dive right in and start posting
Hi Michael, welcome aboard.

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