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May 1, 2008
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And I am not joking:
Elements Tools

note that its 3rd party and when I first ran elements (6 on vista) it did crash the first time I ran it, but second run its all smooth and the features are present and work well. This really adds a lot to elements and certainly lets you put off having to upgrade the program. I have tried quite a few of these upgrade sorts and this if the first one I have found that includes it all (and its a tiny download as well)

Just a point but the instructions in the download might seem a bit complicated - its mostly as all the formatting is lost. Just go through and add some spaces and new lines and it will all make more sense
the notepad file in the download lists the install points -but its a little bit garbled (ie its lost its formatting so its a little tricky to read). Give me a few days (when I can get back to my main computer with the files on it) and I will see if I can help - as a point there is an install page on the website here - which might be a good starting point in the mean time:
Elements Tools

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