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Nov 18, 2005
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Copenhagen Denmark
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Perhaps there is someone here that knows about these things? Anyway what i was wondering is if anyone has some hints? I tryed messing around with this type of thing before, but with the things available in the kitchen i couldnt make an invisible trigger or freeze the action enough so didnt bother to past concept, get the setup pretty or go any further,, but now on the reccomendation of a friend i have ordered one of these...

Sound Trigger-Delay Unit Package with Breadboard
Item Number: SK2-DU-BB

So when i shoot the subject the bang should trigger the flash.

If anyone has tryed this or similar things before? what is a good (fast) flash to use and how fast is fast? the shots above were too slow and i was wondering what the best way of freezing the action is and of course any other advice, and just to see anyone else's work and hear how it went.

Many thanks

I havnt seen any baloons and smoke before, the smoke also could be a nice idea for shock waves. Perhaps it would be possible to visulise the bullet path or something similar as it aproaches the target? Small mammal though, hmnn probably better shooting my self in the foot so as the wife wont decapitate me :). Can you get cheap polititians at this time of year? I like the pane of glass too, but how to make it an interesting picture, perhaps get some kind of reflection in it that breaks?


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