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Aug 10, 2005
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This thread includes my joke of the day as told to the office this morning. Enjoy...

George met up with the guys at a local bar and proceeded to get ****faced. After about three hours of guzzling liquor, George threw up all over his shirt. "****!" he said. "The old lady is going to throw my ass out of the house for getting drunk and puking on my new shirt!" Bill, George's best pal, gave George an idea of how to keep from getting in trouble with the wife. "All you got to do is have a $20 bill in your hand when you walk through the door," Bill said. "Then, when she accuses you of barfing all over yourself, just tell her that some other drunk puked on you and that he gave you 20 bucks to get the shirt cleaned." When George got home, his wife was waiting for him in the living room. "I knew that your drunk ass would spew bile and booze all over that new shirt!" she said. George replied, "Honey, let me explain! This drunken fool at the bar puked on me and gave me 20 bucks to have it cleaned." His wife snatched the money out of his hand and observed that he was holding two $20 bills. "Is that so?" she said. "Then where did the other $20 bill come from?" "Oh, that's from the guy who crapped in my pants," George said.
ewwwww....... :puke:

Happy Friday, you weird freak. :lol:

Who's got something good on tap for this weekend?
I'm seeing the Da Vinci Code tomorrow with some buddies, and I've got sunday booked up with music-playing. Oh, and tonight I'm HOPING to get to go to coffee with Amy...
I got two things planned jack and s**t and jacks left town...... i never get bored of saying that (thanks evil dead).....

actually jack hasn't left town, i got season 3 of 24 to watch.... already seen 7 episodes in two nights... and im lovin it..... nothin better than jack on the edge..... and i aint seen him this far on the edge..... i dig that about him. :mrgreen:

like the joke :lol:
I wanted to see the Da vinci code but it was too late to get tickets !!! :(
and you won't belive. it's friday and I'm sitting at home .. even though my friends are having fun somewhere...
I read a really crap review for Da Vinci Code today. It made me reluctant to go and see it. I think the person that read it is really pretentious thought. Doesn't know how to have fun at the movies.
Ya, I heard reviews that said it was boring....well, when does anyone ever agree with movie critics anyway?

I want to see it, but not till the crowds die down.

Oilers vs Duck...Game one tonight!
About the Da Vinci Code, I am saving my pennies and reading it instead. (Turns page 141). At least until it hits the cheap theatres.
Gotta go get Malachite new peeps and a hair cut. Might do senior portraits of my two that are graduating next month **sniff sniff** but aside from that, I'm with Angel. I'm planning Jack AND Sh!t. It's been a hell of a week and I need to recover. :lol:
Can't wait to see the 'Code'.
danalec99 said:
Can't wait to see the 'Code'.
I'm with Bace on this one. The news was all over the place today asking people what they thought. All thought it was a good story, not as good as the book, movie was I'll read the book and wait for it to come out on HBO.

This weekend....nothing exciting....mix strong drink as soon as I get home, work on r/c sailplanes, get haircut, get new peeper focusers, try and get out to fly Sat afternoon...........and just for Mentos, I'll feed my snakes ;)

Michael..........could time go any slower right now?
Yeah, I'm not sure I'll see the movie until it's available for rental. I thought the book was great, though I preferred the first one (Angels and Demons).

Not much planned for me this weekend. The rain cancelled Christopher's t-ball game and more rain is called for on Sunday so it's likely that game will be cancelled as well. I was hoping to get for a nice walk this weekend, but the weather has other plans....maybe curl up on the couch with a good book instead :)
Shooting a wedding tomorrow (so very scared :|) and Sunday will be my day of recooperation.

I think I'm the only person on the planet that hasn't read the DaVinci Code sometimes! But I'll see the movie first when it's for rent, then read the book that way I can enjoy the movie without whining about how it's not "right".

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