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    When I was in Jr. High my best friend made a pencil/coal drawing for art class. I never knew who the subject was. I'm not sure if he knew either. I think he chose to draw his version of this photo because it felt rustic. He also is a huge fan of Westerns (movies, books, art, etc) and I think he had that in mind when he made his drawing. Well tonight I was surfing the web and I found the photo that inspired his drawing. Here it is. I'm praying he still has the drawing. If so I'll try to post a pic of it.

    Update: I just talked to my friend. He made the drawing freshman yr of H.S. Its on display right now in his bedroom. This weekend I'll take some pics of it cuz I think its awesom. I just asked him if he knew who the guy in his drawing was. He said no, he picked the photo out of an art magazine. Anyway, heres the pic.



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