Friends, with a twist, of course


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Jun 29, 2003
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Shreveport, Louisiana
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He parked just a little too far away.


Yeah, we thought we could do a back flip off of the wall..... We were wrong. (incedently another shot from this time got put in my schools literary magazine.)


Oh the the wonders of a red fliter, on my friends flash. Unfortunatly, it didn't enlarge so well.


Be brutal, come on, tell me every little thing you see wrong, it'll only make me better.
if you are annoyed by the fact that i cropped your image, please feel free to say so and i will gladly not do so in the future. here is how i feel about one image:

crop to -


it's a great motion capture with a pleasant vertical uneasiness about it.
[/quote]if its cropped to there, then it looks like the photo was taken as landscape and rotated. standing on bricks with a leg kicked out the back[/quote]

What with grass growing vertically up a wall?
i like the uneasiness with the wall and the girl. it makes me want to throw up,...but in a good way.

Well....most people like them apart from MD who wants to throw up nicely! What a critic!
Personally the first one depresses me that someone could show such a lack of forethought.
The last one with the red filter is OK, just not my bag but I can see the potential for some interesting shots.
The middle one is great and I like Motcon's cropping also the possibilities are there as others pointed out.
Good work!
I don't mind you cropping my photos, in fact I'm flattered you thought it was worth the time and effort. And its a whole lot more effective than saying what you think it should be. I sort of agree w/ that landscape comment, I'd say take a little off the top to give a better width/height ratio. I also sort of like the stuff you cropped out, sort of puts her in proportion. but the DOF needs to be smaller for that

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