From my walk yesterday


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Jan 9, 2005
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I just recently discovered a whole series of nature trails behind where I live (who knew?) and since it was a super nice day yesterday, I went out to take some pictures. Here they are...


I think I liked the idea of this shot more then the result that came out :(


One of the great things about my new 50mm f/1.8 lens is that its 52mm filter thread matches the size of my 50mm lens for my film camera, which I had a polarizing filter for :)


Thanks for lookin'
Well, that's a nice discovery!

On the second one - the bit of orange at bottom right looked at first like the beginning of a forest fire, which was alarming!

Love the three others though. I love the comp in the third, and with the sunlight showing in the background.
Thanks cathmc.
No forest fire thankfully, just some electical tape.
The quality of these photos are like something out of a dream. I like the third one.. not sure why, it just seems to have a certain 'here I am' announcement to it with th tree standing in the foreground and the others lingering faintly behind it. Sort of like he's the leader of a tree gang. Hehe!

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