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Jun 27, 2003
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fruits i saw on my saturday excursion ... the apple i couldnt resist :lol:


Love the second one, the dark space at the top of the image works very well. The first should be cropped lower so that the bottom of the apple is in the frame as well, but then, if thats all you've got to work with, then you can't really do much about it :D
the papayas (or whatever they are :roll: ) ... i saw at my neighborhood grocery, so u can imagine they probably thought i was from the liscensing committee :lol:
Love the pictures Dew - i really like the first one, especially the contrast between the green of the skin and yellow of the inside of the apple.

how often do you go out to take pictures by the way?

i usually go out about 3 days a week .... but sometimes if im just running to the store, i'll take the camera with me... never know what u may uncover :D ..

some things just happen by accident ... one morning i woke up to jackhammers in the front of my building .. and i thought, "wow, i'd love to shoot them."

the apple i saw sitting on the sidewalk in Times Square (New York) :p

but my hubby got some great shots of a bag lady ... i didnt get any, i dont want us to have all the same shots :lol:

btw, the apple was intentionally cropped :D


does anybody know what those are in the second photo?? :?
The red one to the left looks like an apple from the stem but I'm not absolutely sure of those nearest. My first thought was Mango but I could be wrong. Try one. If its mango its very tasty and delicious. :wink:

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