FS: Canon Prima Zoom Mini Caption (38~76mm f/3.8-7.2 lens) with instruction manual

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    Looking for US$50 OBO.
    Includes instruction manual and free shipping if to US.

    Type: 35mm fully-automatic lens-shutter camera with auto-focus zoom lens

    Lens: Canon 38 ~ 76mm f/3.8-7.2 lens
    Shooting Distance Range: 0.6m/2 ft to infinity (0.45 m/1.5 ft in close-up mode)

    Shutter: Programmed electromagnetically-driven shutter; also serves as diaphragm

    Viewfinder: Real-image zoom finder. Magnificaltion: 0.43x (WIDE), 0.75x (TELE).
    Viewfinder Information: AF frame, close-up AF frame, picture frame and parallax correction lines in the viewfinder. Green LED on viewfinder eyepiece indicates AF in-focus, camera-shake warning, red-eye reduction mode and single-sport focusing.

    AF Control: Evaluative Active System; single-spot focusing possible

    Film Handling-
    Film Loading: Automatic (automatic blank frame advance)

    Film Winding/Rewinding: Automatic; Mid-roll rewind possible

    Frame Counter: Counts up during film winding and counts down during rewinding; Warns of film loading failure

    Film Speed Setting: ISO25 ~ 3200; automatically set in 1-stop increments according to DX code; non-DX-coded film set to ISO 25.

    Exposure Control-
    Metering Range: (at ISO 100)
    Full Auto mode/Flash ON mode: WIDE: 1/45 f/3.8 ~ 1/300 f/21 (EV 9.5 ~ 17); TELE: 1/125 f/7.2 ~ 1/200 f/25 (EV 12.3 ~ 17)

    Flash OFF mode/Slow-sync mode: WIDE: 2 sec f/3.8 ~ 1/300 f/21 (EV 4 ~ 17); TELE: 2 sec f/7.2 ~ 1/200 f/25 (EV 6 ~ 17)

    Exposure Compensation: +1.5-stop automatic exposure compensation for backlit scenes in Flash OFF mode

    Built-in Flash: Automatic zoom flash coupled with lens zooming; equipped with red-eye reduction lamp

    Flash Shooting Distance Range: WIDE:0.6 ~ 3.5 m/2 ~ 11.5 ft, TELE: 0.6 ~ 2.5 m/2 ~ 8.2 ft (using ISO 100 color print film)

    Recycling Time: Approx. 2 sec

    Flash Firing: Full Auto, Flash ON, Flash OFF, and Slow-sync modes user selectable using shooting mode button

    Self-timer: Electronically-controlled 10-second delay timer; Delay time indicated by blinking red-eye reduction lamp and counted down in frame counter display

    Remote Control Function: Dedicated remote control system using infrared light; activated by pressing transmission button; immediate release and 2-second delay selectable; Operating range: Up to approx. 5 m/16.4 ft; Battery life: approx. 20,000 transmissions

    Power Source-
    Battery: Two 3V CR123A lithium batteries (also used for date mechanism)

    Shooting Capacity: Approx. 40 rools of 24-exp. Film with 50% flash use (based on Canon’s Standard Test Method)

    Battery Check: Three-step battery level indication in the LCD panel; Lights -> Blinks -> Extinguished

    Dimensions: 128 (W) x 68.5 (H) x 55.8 (D) mm/5.0(W) x 2.7 (H) 2.2 (D) in

    Weight: 275g/9.7oz (without batteries)/280g/9.9oz (without batteries/CAPTION only)

    Quartz Date Mechanism-
    Type: Built-in LCD display and automatic calendar with quartz digital date/time clock programmed with dates until year 2029 (compensates automatically for long and short months and leap years)

    Clock Precision: Variation of 20 sec or less per month at normal temperature (20C/68F)

    Imprint Data: Four date/time formats and five caption formats in four languages

    Character Formation: 5 x 7 dot matrix

    Imprint Color: Orange





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