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    *FOR SALE*
    Canon S3 IS
    - Image Stabilized
    - 12x Optical Zoom + 4x Digital Zoom, 48x combined zoom
    - 60 fps high quality video (also w/ image stabilization), and stereo sound recording
    - 180 degree (rotation) hinged LCD
    - Case - is brand new (is a SONY item but it's a nice fit for the camera)
    - All shipping items (manual, usb cable, 16mb sd card) and original packaging included
    See it here:

    This camera is as close to a D-SLR as you can get without losing the conveniance of a "point and shoot". You get a near total image control (AF frame set, focus lock, manual focus, AE lock, metering mode, flash timing/comp.,exposure bracketing, white balance, ISO etc.) plus LCD preview of a shot and good video!

    *** This camera is very new! It has about a month and a half of use, at home learning to use it. I originally wanted a D-SLR but, as a total beginner, I decided I should not. In short I bought the S3 yet, still felt that I must have the D-SLR (a Nikon D40). As for some photos of it's condition, any online pics of a new S3 will do. It looks like that. There aren't any scratches anywhere. An LCD protector is on and has always been returned to the case I purhased for it.

    $200 Shipped, USPS money order only

    I have some HEATWARE (seller rating) under "basserdan", all positive.
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