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    Well, it's not camera gear (for those of you scrathcing your heads so you clicked on the thread to see what you've missed). It's a Paintball Marker (gun). Great first marker (gun) and it comes with everything you need for the most part. The thing is I bought it las march and never went out and used it. I shot maybe 10-20 rounds of paint indoors at my roomate, but nothing other than that. Never had anyone to go out there with me to a paintball field. So, I figured I'd try to sale it, and if not, i'll keep it around in case some neighboor's gets get too annoying (j/k.......sort of).

    Here is a post I put on a forum here locally:

    Kingman Spyder TL-R Paintmarker
    paint holders for and belt pouch
    1000 rounds of paint (if you want those)
    20oz CO2 cartrige (came witha 9oz that did not work so I bought an aftermarket tank)
    barrell squegee
    barrell plug.
    I only shot it twice, indroors at my roomate, and it was only about a total of 10-15 rounds. Brand New other than that. I'm just trying to empty out the closet . I thought I would go a few times to some paintball fields, but no one was interested in going.
    Retail is around $200 for the gun/mask/9oz tank. I bought the larger tank for about $20-50?, and the paint holders for like $10-20.
    Let me know if you're interested.


    Here are some pictures. They were too large to post and I didn't have time to resize and post in the forum.


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