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Oct 30, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, CA U.S.A
At the Artspace Gallery. Opening reception is this fryday @ 5:30 pm. 22 photos from the library of Congress. I can not wait to see what the curator picked. Of course one of the photos will be Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother". What are your thoughts on the controversy of this image? What are your thought's on the work shot for the FSA in general?

I think Lange and Owens had no clue of the impact that would proceed the photo.

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The more I think about it; Lange may have realized what she had as soon as she got out of the darkroom. I think Owen in the end acknowledged the photo as powerful. Check out the PBS link http://www.pbs.org/ktca/americanphotography/. Click on Image lab to get an interactive tour of the 6 photos shot. Also be sure to check out all the work shot for the FSA. It is an amazing period in American Photography.

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Tonight was the opening reception. Had about 1/2 an hour to spend. Only 14 of the 22 photos selected were there. The rest are in transit. The missing 8 are from a highly volatile silver nitrate film. The negs have a tendency to spontaneously combust if not careful. Be glad you shoot digi.

It was fun hearing the incomparable John Stuart's (curator) insights and info on the images. Seeing Walker Evans Silver Gellatin prints was simply amazing. Turns out Evans was fired from the project. His style was just not up to Stryker's expectations. A lot of Dorethea langes work I had not seen before. She shot 2 1/4 neg's that are nothing short of beautiful.

John also brought up the point that they are everyone's photos since they were shot for the government. I get the feeling that if you email the Library of Congress you can get reprints at cost. Make sure you email them. Letters are held up by 4 weeks because they have to be searched.

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