FSOT: Mamiya 645E kit (looking for DSLR)


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May 29, 2006
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I'm trying to raise some $$$ for a digital SLR. I just bought this Mamiya 645E about 4 months ago. Comes with Mamiya 80mm lens. I added a UV filter for lens protection, and also an adapter ring so I can use my 58mm filters. Just got the Mamiya neck strap for it, too. El-cheapo photo bag and 5 rolls of expired (but good... I use the same stuff all the time) film: 2 rolls of Ilford Delta 100 Professional, two of Kodak Tri-X Pan (400 speed) and one of Fuji Superia (not sure what speed). This camera has the 120 insert. Works perfectly, new battery when I purchase it. I have run maybe 6-7 rolls of film through it. I love this camera, but would use a DSLR a lot more and I'm also relocating in a few months and won't have easy access to a good photo shop or the community darkroom where I do all my work. :(
I'm looking for a Nikon, Canon or Pentax DSLR and lens. Pretty open to model, and used is fine! I'd like $500 + shipping (USA only, please) of your choice.

Email me if interested in buying the Mamiya or have a DSLR for trade.

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