Fuji Velvia?


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Jun 1, 2003
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Dorset, UK
Hi, as you will probably guess I am fairly new to photography, and am seeking some advice on how to shoot with Velvia film (ISO 50).

Obviously this film is quite slow, so is it only really appropriate for well lit, bright situations? Are the pictures going to be far too dark if a larger aperture is used? And what shutter speed is best, for say, portraits and landscapes?

I understand this request isn't that specific, but it is basically a cry for help. Any advice would be greatfully received!

Cheers, Mac
I think the film is great for landscapes if You use a tripod or an other support like your arm to a tree or whatever is close to reduce vibrations. The film is also very good for a studio using flashlights
I think it really doesn't matter the aperture as long as the exposuretime is right.

You actually have to read the specifications from Fuji Yourself.

I use the film for more still shots like mushrooms quite often under dark natural light circumstances.
Velvia is NOT a good people film. It is best for scenic and landscape photography. Fuji Astia is one of the best films for people. BTW Fuji is coming out with a new Velvia 100 and a better version of Astia in late summer.
What dlc said...

If I had a slide scanner I would probably shoot mostly velvia and astia depending on the situation.
What DLC says is true .

A friend of mine uses Velvia in a " photocage " with studioflashlights in order to photographe birds with very much succes. Sells a awful lot to bird relating magazines in Europe....But he would be pleased as well as other velvia users if a 100 Iso velvia comes on the market. I've used Astia for people too.

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