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    Do you feel using the directional pad on the xt1 to select a focus point is a hinderance? Some reviews say that it's a bit cumbersome to use( that you need to press "ok" to select a point instead of the camera automatically doing it as you move the points around).

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    You do not need to press OK once you have selected your focus point.
    You do need to press focus point selection button to start moving focus point. You can program any of the 6 FN buttons to be the focus point selection button. If you put it on one of the 4-way controller buttons, it gets very easy: you will not need to operate anything but this controller to move focus point around. Big advantage is that unlike many DSLRs, focus points are spread evenly across the frame. Other advantage is that unlike some cheaper DSLRs with its limited number of cross type FPs, all XT-1 FPs are working similarly well.
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