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Jan 7, 2013
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It was a bit of a trick to get three shots in before the moon moved.

Thats a cool picture of thmethie moon! Only suggestion I would do if this was my photo is to pump of the colors and bring out the warm tones in the building reflections and make the blues more vibrant. I personally think it would make this photo pop more but thats just me.

something like this

My original edit was more vibrant as you show but I toned it down after printing it. The blues were just too saturated for me. Thanks for the comment.
Very nice shot , I really like VIP edit as well both really nice
Beautiful! I much prefer the OP's version.
Ok, so how did you 3 shots before the moon moved?
Very nice.
Use an ISO high enough to get all 3 shots within 1 second. Since my lens was long - 330mm, the whole cycle needed to be fast. The other trick is to use Live view so the mirror stays up as the camera cycles through the shots. I had it set up so the camera did it all without waiting for me to press the shutter three times.
I was then able to get a lot of shots as the moon rose. I just adjusted exposure between sequences.
Does shutter speed in the 125 range work for capturing moon without motion?
Thanks. I went out on that moon and didn't get what I was after. Will try again next go-round
Does shutter speed in the 125 range work for capturing moon without motion?
Thanks. I went out on that moon and didn't get what I was after. Will try again next go-round
Assuming 3 shots 1 stop apart then with the middle shot (the one the camera meter sets) needs to be 1/4 sec or faster. Then the 1st shot (-1ev) would be 1/8 sec and the 3rd shot (+1ev) would be 1/2 sec so all 3 would be less than 1 second total.
Here were my steps: On Canon 5D, Mark III
1. I set the number of bracketed shots to 3 in the camera menu.
2. I set exposure metering to "evaluative" to meter the full scene to get the middle exposure.
3. I set camera mode to M for Manual. Could have used Av for Aperture Priority too.
4. I used back button focusing so the camera would NOT refocus on shutter button press. Could have used Manual focus on lens as well. I focused on the buildings.
5. I set F/11 for Aperture (but this got bumped to F/14 in my rush).
6. I set Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) to -1,0,+1 ev using the Quick Menu.
7. I changed the shooting mode from Single shooting to Sel Timer: 2 sec mode. This provides a delay of 2 secs after pressing the shutter before the 1st exposure is made. This allows you to get by without a remote shutter switch as well but I always use my remote switch.
8. I set ISO to 400. Like I said this could change to adjust shutter speed. Also aperture could change.
9. I took a meter reading by pressing shutter 1/2 way down and set shutter to 1/4 sec for middle shot.
10. I turned on "Live view" so the mirror would be up and stay up.
11. I then take the picture by pressing the shutter button all the way. Camera delays 2 secs and cycles through all 3 shots on it's own. It adjusts shutter speed only between shots. This is important to get it done fast. And the mirror stays up the whole time reducing any camera shake.

Then I turn off live view and review the histogram of all 3 shots. Then adjust shutter speed, ISO, or aperture for next shot. It goes fast once you get used to it. And I don't change focus once it's good.

The scene changes quickly as the moon rises. The moon gets brighter and the rest of the scene gets darker as the sun sets further. So AEB may be adjusted as far as +-2 stops and then it's about over for the night.

Hope this helps.
One more thing. The 1 second time is my number from my formula of 350 / Focal Length. So depending on your focal length you can use a different time. I use this for stars as well. Some people use a number as high as 600 / focal length but I zoom in real close and when pixels start to look like footballs I feel I have gone too far. But that's just me. :)
Wow, thanks for all of those steps! I actually understood it :)
Will give it a try as moon gets little brighter then be ready on the full moon.

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