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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by placeonthecorner, Aug 17, 2007.

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    Im a student who needs to upgrade his dslr, so im selling off my life possessions to try and fund it a little..

    for sale are...

    LOMO LC-A - mint condition. had 1 film through it. has the LOMO logo on the shutter. Comes with the official LOMO hip shot holder, which im told is deer skin lined...ew. You wont find a better example than this.

    KIEV 60 - Got this as my first medium format. Its given me some amazing shots but as we all know its not the most ideal camera. Its in great condition and comes with the standard 75mm lens an a couple of filters. Also has a hard case. And yes, it does suffer from the classic mis-spacing on the film strip thing that they all have. This is easily fixed if you know what your doing.

    Yashica 'black beauty' GTN- this still has the first film in it as i got it on a whim and then got distracted with all my other whim purchases. It has been fully refurbed and is in top nick. Has holder included. Again it will be a challenge to find a better example.

    If anyone is interested in any of these then just let me know. im open to decent offers. I need all the money i can get so make me an offer.

    Thanx folks.

    I hope to be back with some photos once i get a new camera!!!


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