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Oct 14, 2007
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Montreal, QC, Canada
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What a cool weekend I had again... Saturday, I was invited to an art and martial art show. The art portion was musicians, photography and all kinds of paintings and the martial arts portion was a demo of 5 different kinds of (mostly) Chinese styles of martial arts, finishing off with break dancing demos and music and dancing.

I was only able to stay for about 4 hours (from 6-10), but I took some very interesting shots of the singers, the arts, but I was in a bad location for the martial arts portion, which is ok.

A couple of the musicians: Taken using a 28" softbox with 2 SB-600s from about 20 feet away. Not very soft, but the quality was nice compared to ambient (which took a lot of futzing later on to get right, as I spent most of the evening between ISO 1600/3200)




On Sunday, one of the guys from out Montreal Strobist group and a few of us got together to photograph old worn out running shoes... but not just any running shoes, but those of you in the photography scene will recognize the name... no less than Chase Jarvis' old runners... lol We decided a reverent kinda shooting session would be appropriate, so the Montreal Oratory was chosen, and we had a TOTAL BLAST there.

He once said something along the lines of anyone who walked his walk would find success, and then he made his running shoes available to anyone who signed up for the fun project. These shoes have traveled across many parts of the USA and Canada, and will likely make it to Europe and who knows where else... but we had a chance to do a shoot with them.

Now, I did not take pictures this time, but I was integral to a part of it by offering ideas, thoughts, support, enthusiasm and my 3 Nikon speedlights. I have to wait until the shots are done, but... here is a taste of some of the fun we had (picture NOT taken by me):

These are from me though:


What is a trip to the Oratory without a little higher ISO shooting:


ISO 3200 - 1/25th - F/2.8

Once I get a few more shots of the Chase Jarvis shoot, I'll post a few links... from the previews that I saw, I would say that Montreal Strobists are well represented. :D
nice! Remind yourself to buy some plane tickets down to Los Angeles sometime :)
Geez, thanks for sharing- So what's the discussion?
Geez, thanks for sharing- So what's the discussion?

People always say that they run out of things to shoot or get burnt out and have nothing to take a picture of.

I post about some of the things that I do to show that there are so many things and events that the day you run out of things to shoot is not becuase there is nothing to take picture of... but someone is not using their imagination because there is no roll of film or no stroage media big enough in the whole world that photography cannot fill.

My issue is (and what I want others to experience too), not what do I shoot... but where in the hell can I find *more* time to shoot the things that I want! :D If one cannot find anything else from the post, people can use it as possible ideas of what to do or places to go to and simply have fun with photography.

So... how many times have you walked in Chase Jarvis' shoes or tossed them in the air (thats a metaphore, Abraxas ;) )?

First photo is great for me because i love guitar ;-)

There were several there, and some fine singing too!
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