Funny Pics Made or Taken... AGAIN??

Love the car hanging upside down! It does seem real.
These pics are funny, indeed.
Since I don't assume you took them yourself, but found them in the internet and just want to share, I changed them back to mere links, ok? (I am sure you have not been to Germany to photograph that car hanging onto chewing gum, eh ;))
yea I just got it from the internet and i found it funny and i like to share to everyone who really wanted to make their day..

I really laugh on that photos..
That is ok, and that is what the Off Topics are here for, but then we have this "rule" on Pics that are not yours stay links ... or so ;). But they are quite funny, indeed!!! Mostly so that car dangling from the ceiling :lol:

(Party caterer pics are exempt from this rule, though :greenpbl: )
I understand that I know it would make everyones day if they see that car hanging on the ceiling..

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