Furry Invaders Adventure

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    Dec 30, 2004
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    I was doing some vaccuming and then I saw out of the window next tom my computer that looks out to my garden a rabbit! I don't own a rabbit so I thoguht it would be a good opportunity to get some quick shots. I hoped it wouldn't have dissapeared. This is what happened:

    I spot it throguh my window

    I go out to get some shots and what do I see? Oh no its a neighbours cat!


    I scare it off and make sure its gone. And then the rabbit starts flopping about my garden.

    here it is pottering about (hehe)

    Oh no, don't fall in!

    I found out how it got in, my house and the house next door are attached but both have extensions. There is a fence that spearates the garden that goes in between the extensions but ends before the houses join up so there is a rabbit sized passage. I keep hearibng it floppin about in there. I covered my end with a bag of compost, I hope it can get back through into its garden.


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