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May 23, 2010
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The hills of Western MD
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Just in case you're curious your Nikon D3100 w/24 f2.8 AiS might survive a trip bouncing down the stairs. Mine seems to have made it unscathed. The strap snagged on my watch and I got to watch helplessly as it did the bip.......bop.....donk.......boink.....thump down 12 riders to the floor in the dining room. Don't suggest verifying my results on your own.

Here's a 100% from the center of a shot taken after the fall. Corners seem to be as good as ever. Uploaded image seems to be suffering a bit of degradation from the computer.

Glad to see all is well with your camera.

I LOVE the Monster, had same watch, these are timless classic for people on budget.
Reliable, tough and well designed.
I dropped my Nikon F (with the motor drive and the attached battery pack) onto the floor in 1974. I still have it and should probably get it fixed one of these days. I shot a Muhammed Ali title fight with it and it's a sentimental favorite of mine.
My 24/f2.8 is actually an Ai. I mistyped. But it's chipped so took machining to make it work. I think what saved it is carpet.

Way to go!

Yeah, the carpeted stairs were really a good thing, I'd wager.
'Twas the badass lens that saved the body.
Nah I just uttered the universal word for such situations and waited for it to be over. Walked down picked it up and took a few shots of the kitchen just for a quick confirm/deny. Haven't used it in every mode or possible situation but it appears to have survived intact. Gonna take it out and give it a good workout this afternoon after the football game.

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