Garden Of The Gods, Colorado


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Sep 29, 2004
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First off, if ANY of you ever plan a trip to Colorado, make 100% ABSOLUTE SURE you mark this little gem of a city park (yes, a CITY park!!!!) outside of Colorado Springs on your journey, situated only about 45 minutes south of Denver, there is no other place like it, anywhere. It is magical in a way I can NOT describe. Light like no where else.

Now with that out of the way......

These shots are this this past May, and I am just getting around to now processing them. I headed out early so I could get there with the best light. I left Denver and it was clear sky, nothing that would allude to the atmosphere that I was about to encounter. As I drove I noticed that there were clouds to the south, and didn't think anything of it until I got to the Palmer Divide, when everything began to be draped in low lying cloud cover. Now most people would have been sad, thinking that the light they were after was gone, but not me, this presented with an opportunity I always wanted, to shoot GOTG on a rainy, foggy day. I was elated!

Shot on my Minolta 5D, the 2 color shots processed in HDR, the B&W is not, and is output through Pog's Mono Renditionizer plugin, Pog’s Notes a freeware plugin developed by a photographer whom I know (he has several...all of which are mandatory in my opinion, all freeware)




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