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Dec 26, 2005
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Hey Guys and gals. These are just some photos i made while working in my garden today! It was gorgeous outside. Anyway, I normally shoot film, however today i used my digital. What do you think???

1.)Dogwood tree.

2).Dogwood again.

3.)My blue bench

4.)mmm Pollen:meh:


6.)Bleeding Hearts

7.) A tad chilly

8.) Rainbow Shower

9.) Leaf

Nice, I like the leaf best out of all of them. Lots of shadows. Maybe a reflector or fill flash to liven some things up.
What a nice garden you have!!! No wonder you want to bring your camera out and capture it all during such spell of wonderful weather that you apparently had when you took these. Our garden is not half as nice and yet I can't keep my camera alone these days, either.

I quite like your POV in the third photo, to include the blue bench like that is interesting. And dogwoods are plain beautiful. You can't go wrong with blooming dogwoods, can you?

The droplets on the leaf in the last are also quite nice.
(Teehee, when I see your bleeding hearts, I am reminded of the photo I took the other day, also of bleeding hearts, only don't we have any in our garden, I "stole" mine from the neighbour, photographing through the fence :biggrin: )

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