Gay Teens Executed by Hanging

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Mar 14, 2006
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I said it before and il say it again....this is just F**ked up!

I dont know about you but im all for same-sex marriages, i actually have a few gay and les friends, so this just ****es me off when i read this.

Iran: Gay Teens Executed by Hanging
In the city of Mashhad in north-eastern Iran, two gay teens have been executed. One was 18 and the other is thought to have been 16 or 17. First they were lashed 228 times, though. Not long after the execution there were howls of outrage from the Iranian parliament - not at the execution itself, but at the temerity of journalists to report it.

Direland reports:

Consensual gay sex in any form is punishable by death in the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the website Age of Consent, which monitors such laws around the world, in Iran “Homosexuality is illegal, those charged with love-making Irangay_teens_2 are given a choice of four deathstyles: being hanged, stoned, halved by a sword, or dropped from the highest perch.

According to Article 152, if two men not related by blood are discovered naked under one cover without good reason, both will be punished at a judge’s discretion. Gay teens (Article 144) are also punished at a judge’s discretion. Rubbing one’s penis between the thighs without penetration (tafheed) shall be punished by 100 lashes for each offender. This act, known to the English-speaking world as frottage,’ is punishable by death if the ‘offender’ is a non-Muslim. If frottage is thrice repeated and penalty-lashes have failed to stop such repetitions, upon the fourth ‘offense’ both men will be put to death.

According to Article 156, a person who repents and confesses his gay behavior prior to his identification by four witnesses, may be pardoned. Even kissing ‘with lust’ (Article 155) is forbidden. This bizarre law works to eliminate old Persian male-bonding customs, including common kissing and holding hands in public.” And Outrage, in its release about the gay teens’ execution, noted that, “according to Iranian human rights campaigners, over 4000 lesbians and gay men have been executed since the Ayatollahs seized power in 1979. Last August, a 16-year-old girl was hanged for ‘acts incompatible with chastity.’”
According to Outrage:

They admitted to having gay sex (probably under torture) but claimed in their defence that most young boys had sex with each other and that they were not aware that homosexuality was punishable by death. Prior to their execution, the teenagers were held in prison for 14 months and severely beaten with 228 lashes. Their length of detention suggests that they committed the so-called offences more than a year earlier, when they were possibly around the age of 16.
I can understand why this upsets you monicam, however i feel this is a little bit too political. :D
The interesting part is that they have to be seen by 4 witnesses to be found guilty. Not sure how that's gonna happen...:meh:
the law seems clear in Iran regarding gay interaction.
unfortunately for these boys, Iran enforces their laws.
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I'm getting a complex... if I had posted something like this, it would've been deleted already :er: .
Calliope said:
I'm getting a complex... if I had posted something like this, it would've been deleted already :er: .

awwww, want me to kick it up a notch and say what i really think? :lmao:
JonMikal said:
awwww, want me to kick it up a notch and say what i really think? :lmao:

I already know what you think! :mrgreen: ;)

What do ya'll think... is it a conspiracy?
i'm thinking me, anicole, calliope and jonmikal need to bow out gracefully..

they dont want our views, i promise...

besides..... this is too dangerous for all of us...

( where is the popcorn???)
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