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Feb 15, 2016
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Northwest Victoria
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Found this site by accident and liked what I saw so decided to join up.
So this will mean I have to do a little exploring to find where things are.
I hope that over time I will get to know a few or all of you here.
Photography is one good hobby to have and there are a lot of things to learn all the time.
I am a big believer in the fact that a 2nd set of eye looking at your shot will find thing's you are a little blind to because it is your own shot.

I hope people don't mind honesty as I know sometimes it is taken the wrong way as people think it is me having a go at them. But when I look at a photo I look at it as if it was mine and how I would post it. But I know we all are different and in that we post our shot in a different manner. I never look at a photo and think this is my chance to get back at someone.

I live in a small town in country Victoria and love being there and would not change it ever.
Well that about all for now, so it means its exploring time.

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