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Jun 8, 2003
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I hate some of the tourist that come here and fill the grocery stores. So I get away (as I did on this day) and drive around for awhile.

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This is on the lake front of Portage Lake, which is a run off of the Portage Glacier, in where else Portage Vallery.
/end insomnia posting.
Wow great reflections I like this type of shot. I have taken similar but in Scotland, where the light is much as you have depicted here. Keep posting.
Would this fit the water theme I am sure it would have a good chance.
Thanks. I like to take pictures with reflections in them. I had thought about using this for the challenge but I wanted to use a recent one, one since the theme was accounced. This is within the last month still but I want to challenge myself within the challenge. errr that made no sense.
beautiful shot :D ... i was just gonna suggest you place it for the water challenge ... but challenging yourself is good :wink:
thanks for the comments. The reflection is off the water. I had to time the small waves as they washed over the sidewalk. the water level had risen so it was running over the walkway just a small bit. I would of missed this if I didnt try to do some photos near water level. Just could not see the reflection from my height until I was browsing some of the pictures off the LCD. After that I noticed the reflection and shot some of these photos just after the small wave hit. Missed one shot as an iceberg was turing over in the water. Here is the rest of my photos from Portage Area.

I used my sony cybershot DSC-S85, with an UV filter. F/stop 8 with 1/400 exposure time. As far as the other stuff I am stilling learning all the techinques and whatnot. For this one I just tried as hard as I could not to get the camera wet or slip. I was standing on the overflowed sidewalk trying to take these pictures. I just shot what I think is an interesting shot, and shot often.

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