Getting alittle girlie tonight.


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Oct 2, 2003
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Experimenting abit.
Im going to try to be open minded here. Could you tell me why you chose to shoot it horizontal instead of verticle and why you chose to shoot it off center.

I'm curious to see what is going on in the triggermans or woman's mind.
I shot this horizontal instead verticle for 2 reasons. 1. My first thought "normal" but I wanted something different from these somewhat boring flowers my wife won from a call in radio contest. 2. I didn't frame it dead center nor fill the frame with it in an effort to see where my eyes would go with it just alittle off and with pitch black in the background. Add abit of floating in nothingness (ms I think).

It's very hard for me to explain this sorta thing sometimes so I hope I made sence. Sometimes I "see" something and vision it without really thinking "why".
It is fine I was curious as to why. Im glad that you gave it some thought by the way. (Now that sounded pretty pompus sorry)

Would you answer a question for me objectively please.

If you step back and take a look at the shot, do you think that the black space on the side adds or distracts from the subject of the shot.

In other words, do you think this is the kind of composition you would use again. Is this a look that you would like if someone else shot it? See you aren't going to hurt anyones feelings no matter what you answer... again I am curious and trying to understand modern composition.

I should add here that I learned what little I know almost forty years ago and from painters yet. (I should have learned from house painters... I would have made more money over the long haul) That being the case and I haven't really seen a lot of work from other people since then till recently. I'm trying to figure out how far out of touch I am....
Not at all.

I read alot of photo critiques and some even make a big deal of this.

For me, I do not think it distracts from the photo. I am not convinced it makes it any "better" though either. In my opion, which most of the time isn't a popular one, think the black draws the eye to the main subject. Instead of the main subject being "in your face"

I also "popped" off a few macros of this group of flowers and wasn't impressed. Seemed very "boring" to me.
Okay well thanks.... Like I said im trying to understand... I think it might be that movies and tv have that kind of format for a lot of verticle shapes,,, tastes may have changed,,,, thanks again

Most likely a lot of the critiques were from me lol... Still I am trying to understand not be critical
Great capture here. Love the lighting
I for one like the shot, the softness is cool but the bottom of the glass is a bit low.
I also love to break the rules of photography. the best way to get a good image is to not be the norm!! Mix it up a bit.
Every one has there own way in what they think is a good photo.
I am open minded and feel this might catch some one's eye for a desk top or something.
Me too.
Work has been busy has heck since November and this was the first I've had time to experiment with things I want to do in a long time.

I think I'll try it again to show more of the bottom and post it in the critique forum for some abuse...LOL

Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Wow! This photo is very interesting.;) :scratch: It is off center and cropped ever so differently than bouquets usually are... but maybe all that's good because it's different? I haven't quite decided yet, but I love the subject and the lighting, it looks pretty, and kudos to you for being creative! :) :hug::

hmmm I've looked at it some more, and I decided I like the horizontal crop because the subject is indeed wider than it is tall because of the leaves. I'll admit though, I'd love to see it with a lil more room at the bottom and a bit more centered.

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