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Aug 9, 2013
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Hello all, came upon an Olympus XA2 inherited by my grandparents, and decided to get into film a bit and see where it leads. Going to be doing a bit of research and find out how to use this thing only previous experience with film comes from disposable cameras back in high school....will likely just be doing black and white, but might do a little color here and there as well.

Probably going to look into scanning my own negatives as well. Nowhere local to get B&W film developed, so I'd have to send it out...

I do a bit of digital photography as well. Nothing too serious, still figuring out how to use all the settings on my camera (Canon S3 IS) and do everything in manual mode instead of one of the presets. I've produced a couple good pics so far, but still have more to learn. Would like to figure out Photoshop a bit more as well.
I have a couple of the XA2. I carried one of them in my pocket all the time. I bought my first at a yard sale for $5.00 and looked for a couple of years for the flash. Now I have a couple of each. The basic lens is a wide angle that makes it good for indoor use because you get more in the picture. If you want more of a telephoto you will need a different camera with interchangeable lenses.
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Developing B&W film at home is pretty easy and doesn't require a lot of equipment.

Doing the developing yourself means the lab can't lose or otherwise f'up your film.

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Welcome to TPF, Joeywhat! :) We have plenty of film enthusiasts here, so as you learn more and find yourself interested in doing more, you will have plenty of folks here to help. It is definitely cheap, quick and easy to develop your own film, just be certain you want to continue with it before spending $$ on stuff you won't use.

Look around, ask questions and have fun!

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